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What is solids control in the oil drilling ?

Feb 21, 2024

  • What is it that we usually refer to as solid control?
Solid control refers to the use of specialized equipment and techniques to control and manage the solid phase materials at the wellbore during the drilling process, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness of drilling operations.  The main objective of solid control is to control and treat solid phase impurities and waste in drilling fluids to prevent damage to wellbore equipment and the environment.

  • What are the most frequently used solid control devices and their role?
Solid control equipment refers to various mechanical devices and systems used to achieve solid control objectives, including but not limited to the following:

Oilfield Shale Shaker: It is mainly used to separate solid particles in the mud with a particle size larger than 76μm.  It is an efficient and new type of screening equipment widely used in industries such as oil drilling, coal mining, shield construction, and HDD non-excavation.
Desanders: Used to remove sediment and sand particles between 47 and 74μm  from drilling fluids.
Desilter drilling equipment: can separate solid particles between 14 and 47μm during mud treatment.
Drilling fluid Centrifuges: KOSUN series oilfield centrifuge is used for settling and separating suspensions containing solid particle diameter ≥2μm, and the specific gravity and viscosity of the treated mud can meet the ideal operation requirements, providing conditions for better recycling and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
Shear pumps: Used to cut and crush solid particles for easier handling and disposal.
Mud tanks for drilling: Used for storage and mixing of drilling fluids.
Vertical cuttings dryer: Used to filter and clean solid particles from drilling fluids.

Among them: Shale Shaker, Vacuum Degasser, Desander, Desilter, Drilling mud centrifuge consists of five phases solid control system, also called five phases purification system.  Five stage drilling fluid purification is mainly used for complex well conditions and high requirement drilled well.  In the actual process, we could adopt one or several stages according to drilling operation request.  After five stage solid control processing, the drilling mud can fully meet the drilling fluid quality requirements.

  • What can Kosun do for you?
KOSUN is a company specializing in the manufacturing and provision of solid control equipment. They offer various solid control equipment and systems, including shale shakers, desanters, centrifuges, etc., to meet the solid control needs of the drilling industry.

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