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What material is used for KOSUN solid control separation equipment?

Jan 05, 2023

Xi'an KOSUN solids control equipment is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment and mud treatment systems, with 30 years of production experience.
KOSUN shale shaker product features and advantages:
1. The material of the screen box is high manganese alloy steel, which has the characteristics of high strength and long service life of the screen box.
2. Select international brand vibration motor.
3. The heat treatment of the whole machine of the screen box and the heavy anti-corrosion coating on the surface ensure the long service life of the shale shaker.
4. The excitation intensity of high G force (can be adjusted), can meet the separation of high viscosity and high specific gravity mud.
5. The screen can be fixed by plate tension or wedge.
6. The slurry feeding funnel adopts the cofferdam type and the top type, so that the slurry can be buffered and evenly flowed, and the impact on the screen can be reduced.
7. The electrical components are selected from international brands.
KOSUN solid control separation equipment
The cyclone equipped with the desilter and desand cleaner is made of pure polyurethane.
1. The swirl is made of pure polyurethane or high chromium cast iron.
2. The installation of the cyclone is connected by a clamp, which is convenient for disassembly.
3. Ball valves can be installed at the inlet and outlet of the cyclone, and the number of working cyclones can be independently selected.
4. International brand vibration motor.
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