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The Causes of Drilling Shaker Screen Failure

Oct 16, 2013

KOSUN Linear Motion Drilling Mud Shale Shaker and its screens are produced by our factory. KOSUN's factory is located in the largest solids control system center. We also supply replacement shale shaker screen. By screen mesh layer, we usually supply shaker screens with 2 layers or 3 layers.

Every year, we export over 5000pcs drilling fluids shale shaker screens to the world, and the quantity is becoming larger. Among these screens models, KOSUN's shaker screens are the most popular with good feedback from the clients. We are also able to customize shale shaker screens according to your requirements.


The causes of drilling shaker screen failure

The Causes of Premature Drilling Shaker Screen Failure:

1. Mishandling of screen panels during storage;

2. Improper handling during installation;

3. Improper installation of shaker screen to shaker basket;

4. Over/under tensioning;

5. Dirty, worn or improperly installed deck rubbers;

6. Improper cleaning of the screens while in storage;

7. Extremely high mud weight;

8. Heavy solids loading;

9. Improperly manufactured screens;

10. Application of high-pressure wash guns to clean or un-blind screens.

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