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Gazprom's Order with KOSUN

Mar 07, 2011

In March 2011, a five-member team of technical experts and procurement managers from Gazprom came to the production base of Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. in China. Russian customers visited the manufacturing factory, had business meeting and made order with KOSUN for 8 sets of solids control systems supporting 3000 meters drilling rigs.

Gazprom\s Order from KOSUN

Gazprom is the world's largest natural gas company, formerly known as State Gas Consortium of Russia, which is also Russia's and the world’s largest natural gas producer. At 2010, its natural gas reserves reached 49.27 trillion cubic meters and natural gas production was 559.5 billion cubic meters, ranking as the world's top ten gas producers. Gazprom plays a prominent role in the Russian economy, honored as the pioneer by Russian mass media, and contributed 8% of Russia's gross national industrial production, ensuring 25% of the national budget, control of Russia's 65%, that is, 20% of the world natural gas reserves.

Russian customers made a special trip to Xi'an China with contract agreement about drilling rig equipment which contains Mud Solids Control System, Generator Unit, Air Compressor Unit, Well Standardized Field Circuit, MCC Room and other external support system. The three-year contract marks that KOSUN has become a major provider of drilling mud solids control system in Russian regions. The Russian customers examined the equipment carefully in the factory of KOSUN, asked questions about quality control, product design as well as other related issues, and had a deep discussion with KOSUN's leadership and technical staff.