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KOSUN 3 sets of drilling waste management system were sent to Keramayi Oilfield

Oct 14, 2020

3 sets of drilling waste management system produced by KOSUN were recently sent to The Karamay Oil Field in Xinjiang province for oil-based mud treatment. So far, the drilling waste management system of KOSUN has reached 10 sets in Karamay, Xinjiang, and has become the largest supplier of drilling waste management system with the largest share in the regional market.
drilling waste management system

KOSUN drilling waste management system adopts advanced mud slurping technology, which can effectively recover the useful liquid phase in drilling cuttings and achieve efficient solidification treatment. The drilling waste management system is produced in strict accordance with industry standards. The core equipment includes vertical cuttings drier, high speed frequency centrifuge, liquid sludge pump, mud agitator, integrated mud tank, equipment accessories such as flow pipeline and valve, and electric control system.
oil-based mud treatment system

With the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement, puts forward higher requirements on drilling field cutting processing, KOSUN drilling waste management system, not only can solve the environmental problems, but to produce secondary recycling of the waste producted by the solid control system, can maximize the retention mud, and again after processing of drilling cuttings for centralized curing processing, reduce on-site damage to the surrounding environment.