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A Rising Star in America Oilfiled Industry

Sep 10, 2014

 Last week, the last two BLACK RHINO Shale Shakers were shipped to the Rockies from KOSUN Houston’s warehouse. That means all the equipment including BLACK RHINO Centrifuge, Mud Cleaner, BLACK RHINO Shale Shaker and Mono Pumps which delivered to Houston before Offshore Technology Conference, were sold out now. Since we have cleared out the warehouse, the BLACK RHINO Shale Shaker will arrived in TX at the fourth week of September.

 Picture of KOSUN Blach Rhino Shale Shaker

 BLACK RHINO Shale Shaker in Houston’s warehouse
Picture of KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shaker
 Picture of KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shaker Picture of KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shaker
 Picture of KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shaker
The Packing & Shipping of BLACK RHINO  Shale Shaker
What is worth mentioning, these two sold BLACK RHINO Shale Shaker will be operating in the Rockets by a famous drilling company in Wyoming. Rockets mountains is the biggest area which contains rich gases reserves and provide the major gases resource for much of years in Unites States. After this debut, BLACK RHINO Series equipment will draw more attentions from drilling companies and drilling contractors all over U.S.
As for BLACK RHINO Series Shale Shaker, with constantly upgrading, the precise size, right proportion and ergonomic design enable every mud engineers to work without any discomfort on rig site. You can find so many features different from other brands. Hereby show that most distinguished key features as follow:
1. Top-levelVibrating Motor
Picture of KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shaker
 Adopt international top-level vibrating motors,options for Martin or Italvibras
Certified for North American use by CSA and UL
Power: 2.5hp×2=5hp
G-force adjustable: 5.0~7.1G
Easy maintenance: 2000h lubrication interval
2.Original American Screens
 Picture of KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shaker Screen
The structure consisting of framework layer, supporting layer and working layer allows the screen more durable. When disposing the drilling fluid containing mudstone or other highly viscous cuttings, the use of flat screen is capable of effectively guaranteeing the conveyance and removal of cuttings 
3. Reliable Screen Panel Tensioning System
 The tensioning system is stable in performance and reliable in structure, which experiences years of field use. It takes less than 2 minutes to install or remove one screen panel per person with a special tool.
As a rising star in Oilfield industry in America, KOSUN Solids Control Equipment, Inc. takes pride in three aspects that makes the team to stand out as a leading company: 

●  Equipment Leasing 

For customer KOSUN provides equipment leasing business accordingly, including two flexible leasing methods instead of purchasing include dry lease and wet lease. You may also show us that you prefer short term, month or annual leasing. KOSUN’s mission is to sharply reduce your cost via offering the most proper leasing way during your drilling operation.


●  Equipment & Spare Parts Sales 

KOSUN’s all-inclusive solids control equipment comprises Decanter Centrifuge,ShaleShaker,MudCleaner,PoorboyDegasser,FeedPump,Agitators and Mud Tanks. In the scope of drilling waste management, we offer a complete line of cost-effective technologies for offshore and onshore drilling operations, the packages comprise Vertical Centrifuge, Screw Pumps and Screw Conveyor. We also provide OEM service while your production line is too tight. Not only supplying equipment, KOSUN also manufacture the spare parts that relate to oil & gas drilling sector, in order to as the substitute for the equipment you currently used.


●  Solids Control Service & Equipment Maintenance

KOSUN support customers improving performance in full range of solids control, mud handling, waste treatment, disposal of cuttings etc. Responds to customer with timely manner, providing professional training, including operation related to the equipment and systems from our service team with the rich store of experience engineers. Additionally, KOSUN can also offer customers with equipment maintenance and refurbishment, the service covers solids control equipment, solids control system and oil drilling tools. KOSUN's technicians are the real veterans with more than 20 years experience.
Our equipment shipping are global, but the service is local. What we focus on is cost reducing for your drilling!