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In-depth Cooperation between KOSUN and KZ Customers in Workover Rig Improvement Project

Apr 21, 2015

Guide: KOSUN KZ Supporting Project Department for Rigs serves the rigs in KZ for the first time, which marks further progress of KOSUN service concept- More Than Customized.

As a significant sector of KOSUN in serving customers in this region, KOSUN KZ Project Department not only focuses on production and sale of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment, but also provides drilling companies with deeply customized services, and devotes itself to customer satisfaction as its eternal mission.

KOSUN KZ Supporting Project Department for Rigs signed an order contract with a local famous drilling company at the beginning of 2015.

Workshop Production Assembly
On April 2, technicians and service personnel of KOSUN KZ Supporting Project Department for Rigs went to a well site for guiding installation.

Field Installation (I)

Field Installation (II)

Field Installation  (III)
On April 10, the installation of two sets of equipment was completed. At present, the equipment has come into use on the site.