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KOSUN Conducting API Training

Apr 06, 2016

 To cultivate the awareness of whole staff participating in quality control and establish normal quality control mechanism, KOSUN has conducted API training recently. 

As a petroleum machinery certification authority approved by U.S. Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission, API enjoys a high reputation both in America and in other countries around the world. Its technical standards on petrochemical industry and production machinery are widely used by a number of countries. Generally, products with API marks are required by many oil companies in the Middle East, South America and Asia to be qualified for their bidding to purchase petroleum machinery. Therefore, petroleum machinery and equipment with API marks are identified as reliable in quality and as advanced in technology. 
During this training, all participants have thoroughly learned related knowledge of the latest and the most cutting-edge API standards and raised corresponding suggestions for improvement by referring to actual problems occurred during practical production and operation in each department. 
KOSUN has always been sticking to the corporate philosophy of “Product Quality is Enterprise’s Life” and making great efforts to provide safe and reliable products for customers. 
Over twenty years of development, KOSUN has earned trust from various customers and won consistent praise at home and abroad by virtue of its reliable products. KOSUN will keep on emphasizing product quality and providing customers with better products and services.