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KOSUN Drilling Fluid Cleaners Successfully Delivered to a Domestic Oilfield Drilling Project

Sep 15, 2023

This Thursday, a batch of MD210 drilling fluid cleaners, manufactured by Xi’an KOSUN, has been successfully delivered to the site of a domestic oilfield drilling project as supporting equipment for the oilfield drilling solid control system.
The MD210 drilling fluid cleaner is a drilling fluid solid control equipment that integrates desander, desilter, and vibrating screen.  It combines the performance of the above three devices and has the advantages of large processing capacity, fast processing speed, low energy consumption, and small footprint.
The MD210 drilling fluid cleaner combines a set of desander cyclones and a set of desilter cyclones on a vibrating screen.  The drilling fluid is first separated by the desander cyclones or desilter cyclones, with the overflow returning to the circulating system and the underflow further screened by the vibrating screen.

Xi’an KOSUN is a professional company that provides customers with drilling fluid solid control equipment and complete mud treatment solutions.  We welcome customers to call us for inquiries, and we will be dedicated to serving you!

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