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KOSUN Monthly Online Now

Dec 06, 2013

On Nov 28th, KOSUN’s first monthly was finally put online after one-month group discussion and efforts as well as emendations done by the technique team, art designing team, graphic designing team and editing team of EC Department.

Right after the announcement, EC Department immediately set up a project team extending to the members from technique team, art designing team, graphic designing team and editing team. When the project scheme and timetable were agreed unanimously, they soon embarked upon their own part of assignments like, website designing, material collection, code writing, etc. Their pursuit of high quality and precision resulted in tremendous researches done on similiar web monthly, aimed at drawing on the strong points of others to make up for one's own weak points, and a couple of round table discussion meetings for gathering different but as valuable proposals.


KOSUN’s First Monthly Cover
KOSUN’s First Monthly Cover

By the end of November, after several rounds of reviews, the monthly has been proved ready to get online, with its overal color as diamond blue and the contents displaying Xi’an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. from all dimensions.

I mainly centers on KOSUN’s establishment, development, successful customer cases and team capability. A delicately made video tells the story of KOSUN for all these 21 years ever since the year of 1992, when it was established by Mr. Geng Zhonghou in Xi’an China. Downwards is a list of landmarks collected from its developmental experience. Then you will get a full picture about what KOSUN has developed to be by its products exhibition, successful cases, illustration of its production and marketing process, sales network map, powerful KOSUN team pics display as well as its certificates.

In the future, KOSUN will issue its monthly on a regular basis for the purpose of a full demonstration of itself to the world.