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KOSUN Mud Agitators Sent to America Drill Solids Control Projects

Aug 18, 2023

This week, 25 sets of MA220 mud agitators produced by Xi'an KOSUN were sent to America for support in drilling solids control projects. Mud agitators have the characteristics of a hard tooth surface, good meshing performance, stable operation, large bearing capacity, compact structure, convenient installation, and reliable performance.
The model MA220 mud agitators are the supporting equipment for the solid control system. Phase particles settle in the circulation system of the tank so that the performance of the circulating drilling fluid is stable and the mixing is uniform. The impeller of the agitator is divided into two types: detachable and non-detachable. The impeller has a single-layer and double-layer for users to choose from. Also,the pulsator can be designed according to customers' actual requirements to meet different customers' needs.

KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment and waste treatment equipment. We have rich experience in solids control equipment design and manufacturing. We not only provide mud agitators but also provide any other types of solid control equipments such as drilling fluid shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, mud cleaning machines, vacuum degassers, mud tanks as well as equipment rental and technical services support.