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KOSUN Product Training Month

Feb 24, 2018

In order to increase employees' understanding of KOSUN products and industries knowledge, KOSUN conducted a series of product training activities in February to improve employees' professionalism.

This month's training includes: Jet Mud Mixer, mud Pumps, Screw Conveyors, Degassing, Centrifuges, Mud Tank, Slurry treatment plant, Mud Gun, Vertical Cutting Dryer, Drilling Liquid and related knowledge, mud cleaner, shaker, sludge treatment, river dredging and so on.

Through this month's training, we not only improve the product and industry expertise, but also further improve work efficiency. With the continuous development of the company, we will pay more attention to personnel training. In order to meet the needs of the strategic development of enterprises and enhance the professional competence of employees, training will continue to be implemented.