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KOSUN Sedimentation Tank Slime Treatment System used in Coal Mine Treatment Sites

Mar 08, 2022

Recently, KOSUN successfully supplied a set of processing system for efficient cleaning of coal slime and slag for Shaanxi Coal Group, and sent it to the customer's project site to complete the installation and commissioning. This system adopts a modular design concept, which is divided into a sedimentation tank cleaning and dehydration transfer module and a coal slag dehydration transfer module, which can be flexibly increased or decreased function module according to site needs.
Sedimentation Tank Slime Treatment System
KOSUN sedimentation tank slime treatment system effectively solves the problems of high solid content in the clear liquid in the sedimentation tank, difficult sewage treatment and high cost; cumbersome coal slime excavation and stacking process in the sedimentation tank, and time-consuming and laborious processing. The solid-phase moisture content after being treated by the KOSUN sedimentation tank slime system is less than 50%, which reduces the stacking volume and floor area, ensures that ordinary muck trucks do not cause secondary pollution when they are transported out, and reduces the amount of liquid entering the sewage treatment station. The total amount and solid content of the phase can be reduced, and the cost of liquid phase treatment can be reduced, not only can the coal slime originally discharged as waste be recycled, but also meet the requirements of national environmental protection and industry standards, and achieve the dual effect of improving economic benefits and environmental protection.
solid waste treatment
Shaanxi Coal Industry and Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi Coal Group for short) is a state-owned super-large energy and chemical enterprise in Shaanxi Province, a backbone enterprise in the energy and chemical industry of Shaanxi Province, and the main body of the development and construction of coal bases in the province. In 2020, Shaanxi Coal Group produced 195 million tons of coal, 18.81 million tons of various chemical products, 13.18 million tons of crude steel, 39.8 billion kWh of electricity, and 7.78 million tons of cement products. The annual operating income was 340.3 billion yuan, the total profit was 17.5 billion yuan, and the total assets reached 590 billion yuan. For the first time in 2015, it entered the Fortune Global 500, and it has been included in the list for seven consecutive years.
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