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KOSUN Successful Cases in Recent Years

May 31, 2018

Subway Construction Work Mud Environment-friendly Treatment Site – Guangdong - China
From 2017 to 2018, KOSUN Environmental Black Rhino KD-500 slurry separation equipment was used in underground diaphragm wall construction of double wheel trench cutter in the Guangdong Subway Project, China. The maximum capacity of the equipment was up to 500m3/h and the separation size was 30~40μm. The high handling capacity and high-quality recycled mud guaranteed the rapid tunneling of double wheel trench cutter. Moreover, the unique two and three-staged separation switching technology made the equipment easily meet the construction requirements of different stratums.

slurry separation equipment
Drilling Oil-base Mud Treatment Site - Russia
In 2017, KOSUN Environmental cryophylactic mud solids control system was applied in the oilfield block drilling operations of Russian Lukoil. The actual capacity of the cryophylactic system was 240m3/h. During the drilling operations, the system’s cable troughs and exposed steam pipelines were contained in thermal insulation sheds, along with the thermal insulation system, which guaranteed the normal operation of solids control system in the local severe alpine environment.

Drilling Oil-base Mud Treatment
Transmountain Pipe-jacking Operation Slurry Treatment Site of Guanjingkou Water Conservancy & Hydropower Complex Project – Chongqing - China
In 2016, a large AVN2000 retractable pipe-jacking machine of Herrenknecht AG, equipped with KOSUN Environmental Black Rhino KD series slurry separation system, guaranteed the smooth progress of construction with high-efficiency handling capacity and high-quality recycled mud, and was highly praised by the customer. The less water content in discharged solids and stable and reliable product performance greatly reduced the operating cost.
Daqing Oilfield Oily Sludge Treatment Site – Daqing Heilongjiang - China
In September 2017, KOSUN Environmental DC450-1000 decanter centrifuge dedicated for mud facilitated the oily sludge treatment in the central oily sludge treatment station at Daqing Oilfield. The field capacity of this project was up to 20m3/h. The treated solids had low water content and the liquid was clear, which completely met the customer’s operating requirements.
Bauxite Tailings Disposal Site - Fiji
In September 2016, KOSUN Environmental Black Rhino products facilitated the local bauxite tailings disposal project in South Island of the Republic of Fiji in Southeast Asia. The project owner used 400m3/h Black Rhino tailings disposal system, designed and manufactured by KOSUN Environmental, to greatly reduce the red mud discharge on site, enhance the recycling of water resource and the mining speed, improve the ore quality (purity) and save the mining cost.

Riverway Dredging
Riverway Dredging Site – Yantai Shandong - China
In October 2017, KOSUN Environmental Black Rhino BRRD series equipment facilitated the local riverway dredging project in Yantai, Shandong. In the project, Black Rhino riverway dredging system, designed and manufactured by KOSUN Environmental, treated about 40,000m3 bottom mud polluted by medium and severe heavy metal and shortened the period of river regulation. A large amount of polluted river sand was backfilled into the river channel after being purified by the system, which effectively reduced the subsequent treatment cost of the project.