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KS-60 Slurry Separation System for Dredging Project

Apr 29, 2021

KS-60 Slurry Separation System is designed for slurry separation in dredging construction. The system meets the requirements of the dredging process. The whole Slurry Separation System is composed of two major functional modules, the screening cyclone and the centrifuge, and is adapted to the layout of different construction sites. The selection of auxiliary equipment and other materials conforms to the corresponding national standards. The solid phase and the liquid phase in the tail slurry can be separated. The solid phase meets the conditions for external transportation, and the liquid phase can be reused or discharged, completely achieving zero mud discharge and meeting environmental protection requirements.
Slurry Separation System for Dredging Project
Along with the economic development, people have higher requirements on living environment. There are numerous water environments in the polluted regions in China urgently needing to be remediated. Traditional dredging methods cannot meet the demands of people on environmental protection any longer, so the environmental dredge technology emerges at the right moment.
In recent years, Slurry Separation System, independently developed by KOSUN Environmental has been widely applied to environmental dredging field of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. Moreover, we can customize the optimal integrated solution to River dredging sludge treatment according to the field hydrogeological conditions.