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Linear Shale Shaker Working Principle

Feb 27, 2018

Linear Shale Shaker produce vibration by using inertial exciters. Linear shale shaker used  motor driven exciter, the exciter has two axes, each axis has an eccentric weight, and whirling to the opposite direction. It is also known as biaxial linear shale shaker, the two gears meshing to ensure synchronization. When two eccentric disks rotate, the centrifugal forces F generated by the two eccentric weights cancel each other out in the x-axis and add in the y-axis. As a result, a reciprocating excitation force is generated in the y-axis direction , So that the screen box in the y-axis direction of the reciprocating linear path vibration.

linear shale shaker
The surface angle of Linear Shale Shaker is usually below 5 °, the screen surface vibration angle is generally 45 °, the screen surface in the exciter under the action of a straight reciprocating motion. Particles in the screen surface vibration under the projectile and fall, so that the material in the screen surface vibration of the process of continuous forward movement. Projection of the material and whereabouts of the screen surface has an impact, resulting in less than the sieve particles are separated by screening. Sieve screening efficiency and production capacity (capacity) are related to the screening of the angle of inclination, the vibration angle of the screen surface, the material's ejection coefficient. In order to ensure high screening efficiency and large screen production volume, the appropriate Ky (ejection coefficient) value must be selected, which is the same as the method of selecting the Ky value by the vibration sieve.
KOSUN QZS series linear shale shaker has the advantages of low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, closed structure, no dust spill, automatic nesting, etc., It is more suitable for assembly line operations, and KOSUN QZS linear shale shaker can also be adjusted solid separation effect by AWD system.