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Lists of KOSUN Solids Control Equipment

Aug 18, 2017

Xi’an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. KOSUN is a state-level high-tech enterprise integrating environmental products R&D, production and sales, general project contracting and environmental management services. KOSUN is committed to the quality policy of “Good Faith, Quality Goods and Transcendence” and is based on the Chinese market to provide worldwide users with all kinds of professional solid-liquid separation products and comprehensive treatment services.

Lists of KOSUN Solids Control Equipment:

--- Solids Control Equipment
Hi G dryer, DC Series Decanter Centrifuge, Decanter Centrifuge-D Series, Shale Shaker Screen, Hydrocyclone, Screw Pump, Linear Motion Shale Shaker, Diesel tank, Desilter, Desander, Shear Pump, Mud Agitator, Mud Gun, Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker, Centrifugal Pump, Jet Mud Mixer, Water tank, Submersible Slurry Pump, Vacuum Degasser, Drilling Fluid Tank, Mud Cleaner.

--- Drilling Waste Management
Screw Conveyor, DC Series Decanter Centrifuge for sale, Decanter Centrifuge-D Series, Mud Agitator, Vertical Cutting Dryer.

--- Hdd Mud Recycle Equipment
KSMR-200 / KSMR-100/ KSMR-500  Mud circulation, Recovery and Purification System.

--- TBM Slurry Separation, Slurry Separation Unit
KD-100/ KD-250/ KD-425/ KD-500 Slurry Treatment System

--- Waste Manage Equipment
Decanter Centrifuge-D Series, Screw Pump, Linear Motion Shale Shaker.

--- 2 Phase Decanter Centrifuge
--- 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge

--- Solid Control System
Arctic Solids Control System, Skid-mounted Solids Control System, Mobile Solids Control System.

KOSUN products are typically applied to the following three fields:
(1) Petrochemical field: petroleum solids control equipment and system, zero discharge of drilling mud, and upstream & downstream products of petrochemical industry;
(2) Environmental protection field: centrifuge environmental industry, tailing treatment/ore classification, soil ecological restoration, chemical/parmaceutical/food processing, etc.;
(3) Infrastructure field: HDD, metro tunnel shield construction, pipe gallery laying, diaphragm wall, pile foundation slurry, riverway and lake dredging, etc. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)