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KOSUN Mud Cleaner System has been put into use at the drilling site in Ukraine

Sep 16, 2020

KOSUN High Efficiency Mud cleaner is the second and third level solids control equipment in the drilling fluid purification system, which can further separate the small particles solid phase contained in the mud treated by the shale shaker, so that the mud can enter the four-level separation equipment. The mud cleaner can be used alone or as a parallel standby device for the first stage solid control shale shaker.
drilling fluid purification system
Recently, The ZJ15 Solids Control System in Ukraine has been supplemented with a Mud Cleaner System, which has been put into use on the project site for the graded treatment of drilling mud, which can effectively help customers to carry out drilling mud purification treatment.

ZJ15 Solids Control System
The drilling mud cleaner is generally used in solids control system after the drilling fluid shale shaker, it consists of the inlet and the inlet liquid pipe and the cyclone. The cyclone is connected as a whole by the upper cover, upper cone and lower cone through flange and clamp. The bottom of the cyclone is a flower-cap type low-flow sand outlet.