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KOSUN Mud Gas Separator Helps International Shale Gas Project

Aug 28, 2018

Recently, a well-known Shandong company ordered KOSUN two Mud Gas Separators. They have been produced and shipped to foreign countries for shale gas mining projects. Prior to this, KOSUN had a number of equipment and complete sets of systems sent to the world for shale gas mining projects. KOSUN was once again recognized by customers with its mature technology and excellent service.

Mud Gas Separator
Drilling security equipment plays an extremely important role in the drilling site. A Mud Gas Separator is an essential equipment during drilling operations when encountering blowouts, kicks, or when drilling with an underbalanced mud column. This equipment is very demanding especially in international drilling engineering.
KOSUN always adheres to the customized service concept to provide tailor-made high-quality products for oilfield service companies, drilling companies and energy companies. All companies are welcome to come and consult!