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How We Pack Shaker Screens Properly?

Sep 25, 2018

Packing shaker screens are based on certain shaker screen type. Cater for most customers’ demand, we usually pack the framed screen at 1 panel per carton, while the hook strap ones will be 2 panels per carton. And almost screen panels will be packed with poly wood pallets or boxes with bundle belt. Every package will be identified by the package detail for convenient quantity re-check. Packages will be seaworthy and airworthy to avoid any damage or loss.

shaker screens
There are many other models and makes of shaker screen. Such as the SCOMI, DFE shaker screens, and so on. Please be assured, KOSUN will provide you with all exact fit replacement screen. If your shaker screen is very special and rarely used, then just give us the specifications and we’ll build it accordingly to fit your shakers exactly.
Shale shaker screen is the critical parts or spare parts for shaker of drilling mud system. It is screen panels fit onshale shakers. As shale shaker is the chief defense of solids removal during well drillings, shaker screen quality will definitely affect shaker performance much.
Remark:All listed shaker screens are right fit replacement panels but not genuine ones. Furthermore, the M-I SWACO, NOV, DERRICK, KEMTRON, TRI-FLO, FSI, VORTEX, NATIONAL, FLC, MONGOOSE, etc. are the marks and reserved by original shaker screen manufacturer. All information is just as a reference.