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Piling Mud Management and Separation Methods

Oct 26, 2017

Piling Mud Management of urban construction has been a problem that plagued the construction project.  Mud management system as one of the main systems of mud piling can directly affect the construction progress and quality. One of the outstanding problems facing is the mud treatment and rational application. The traditional piling mud management method is to use the tanker to transport the mud to the landfill.  This method is relatively outdated. It will bring a lot of problems in the future , with the transport costs higher and efficiency lower.  In addition,  the tanker in the transport may pollute the city environment.

piling mud

In the process of piling, there will produce a lot of mud.  the mud is suspension liquid contains a certain amount of fine clay particles,  which has a certain viscosity and difficult to separation.  Now how can we management these mud from piling? There are four Piling Mud Management Methods:

1.  Piling mud management equipment: This method is to use the special pile mud treatment equipment to separate the mud from slurry water.  Such as piling mud centrifuge,  piling mud separator,  piling mud curing equipment.  The biggest advantages of this method is convenient and effort.  Sludge treatment is high-efficiency and more environmental protection. KOSUN can provide Piling mud management equipment for you.

mud management equipment

2.  Sedimentation basin : On the construction site,  we can construct one sedimentation basin. First,  we need to discharge sewage into sedimentation basin. Removing suspended solids,  oil material and Neutralization processing,  after detection to achieve discharge standard,  we can discharge into the river.

3.  Natural dehydration: In the process of drilling perfusion,  we can use shaker screen to separate small gravel,  sand and other solid particles from pile mud, then discharge it into mud pit and sufficient to precipitate until the natural dehydration and solidification.

4.  Flocculation Treatment: For waste mud water,  we can add flocculants into it.  Because the mud is suspension liquid contains a certain amount of fine clay particles,  the macromolecule flocculants is a kind of water-soluble polymer, When mixed with mud water,  it can destroy the stability of the slurry water in order to settlement of clay particles from the water condensed quickly.

Different methods have their own respective advantages and disadvantages,  you can determine the corresponding Piling mud management method according to the specific construction site environment and mud conditions,  and find the most suitable system for you!(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)