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KOSUN Skid-mounted Sludge Treatment System sold to domestic oil fields

Nov 11, 2020

Recently, the Skid-mounted Sludge Treatment System produced by KOSUN has been successfully sent to a domestic oil field cleaning centralized treatment center. The system is mainly equipped with screening device, heating device, dosing device, washing device, oil scraping device, horizontal screw three-phase separation, vertical centrifuge and other auxiliary equipment.
Skid-mounted Sludge Treatment System
This Skid-mounted Sludge Treatment System provided by KOSUN mainly used to treatment  the on-site oil-containing waste produced by oilfield units, including oil sludge, oil-bearing colored strip cloth, woven bags, geofilm, etc., accompanied by bricks and stones, iron pipes, iron wires, working clothes and other sundry goods. After the system treatment, the intermediate liquid can be reused, the separated oil impurities can be treated innocuously, the residue can be separated and purified, the reuse and commercial value can be achieved.

Sludge Treatment System
KOSUN Skid-mounted Sludge Treatment System have the feature of reasonable design, safe environmental protection, good treatment effect, high processing efficiency, cost saving, economy applicable, at the same time, with compact structure, convenient transportation, cover an area of an area small, etc, it is mainly used for processing oil extraction, storage, gathering, processing oil sludge produced in the process of be born, tank sludge, flotation scum and oil extraction liquid treatment process of sludge. You are welcome to inquire or come to our company to study exchange, exchange telephone +86 29 87304914.