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The Provincial Department of Finance and the Municipal Finance Bureau conducted a thematic educational research and investigation activity at KOSUN

Jun 19, 2023

On the morning of June 15th, the Financial Department of the Provincial Finance Department, together with the Financial Cooperation Department of the Municipal Finance Bureau, conducted a thematic educational research and practical activity at Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as "KOSUN"). Dong Wenhong, Director of the Financial Department of the Provincial Finance Department, Yang Bo, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, and members of the research group conducted in-depth research on the business operations of KOSUN through activities such as visiting the workshop, listening to reports, and holding discussions.
a thematic educational research and investigation activity at KOSUN

In the production workshop of KOSUN, everyone gained a detailed understanding of the company's production, equipment operation, and quality control. During the symposium, Geng Feng, the person in charge of KOSUN, introduced the company's 30-year development history, industrial layout, and major achievements in the application fields of energy, infrastructure, and environmental protection in recent years. At the same time, the company also expressed its hope to deepen its cooperation with government financial platforms and strengthen its overseas development channels. In response, leaders of the provincial and municipal finance departments provided detailed introductions to KOSUN regarding the financial linkage mechanism, comprehensive financial service policies, and the operation of government investment funds. Subsequently, the participants conducted in-depth discussions on using financial and financial policy tools to support enterprises in solving development difficulties, expanding business markets, and accelerating the realization of large-scale operations. KOSUN actively listened to opinions from all parties, expressed the company's commitment to enhance policy learning, and stated its goal and direction of achieving large-scale operations by scientifically and proactively utilizing policy support and various financial instruments while emphasizing technological research and development and market expansion.
KOSUN is a specialized integrated service provider in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, offering solid-liquid separation products and solutions for solid waste treatment. It currently holds 53 national technical patents and has been awarded titles such as Xi'an High-tech Enterprise, Xi'an Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, and Xi'an Industry Leading Enterprise. The company has long been committed to resource conservation and environmental protection, basing its operations on the manufacturing of environmentally-friendly specialized separation machinery and providing products and services related to solid waste treatment. Its products serve more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. KOSUN always prioritizes technology-driven equipment manufacturing, customer demands, and efficient integration and service capabilities to provide holistic solutions to its customers. In the future, KOSUN will continue to maintain technological innovation and global market services, gradually developing into a comprehensive service provider in the field of environmental protection, integrating system integration, complete equipment, engineering construction, commissioning and operation, and maintenance management.