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The double-layer diesel tanks and water tanks produced by Xi'an KOSUN were shipped to the customer’s project site last week

Nov 16, 2023

Recently, KOSUN successfully delivered customized double-layer diesel tanks and water tanks for a 750-well workover rig system to a client.
The double-layer diesel tank produced by KOSUN is designed specifically as a dedicated fuel tank for oilfield power machinery, such as diesel engines, generators, etc. It mainly consists of a double-layer tank, oil pump, basket filter, turbine flowmeter, level gauge, manifold, stainless steel ball valve, and more.

The water tank produced by KOSUN is intended as a storage device for various water pipelines and other water usage points at the drilling site in the oilfield. It mainly consists of a tank body, water pump, valves, pipelines, level gauge, sand cleaning door, tank positioning rods, and more.

KOSUN can design tanks of various shapes and materials according to customer requirements. The tank body is aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic, odorless, acid and alkali-resistant, cold-resistant, not easily aged, and convenient to install and transport, with easy maintenance and cleaning. It is widely used in the petroleum and chemical industries.

KOSUN is a drilling solid control equipment manufacture and sales company with over 30 years of history, and rich experience, and can provide customers with oil and natural gas drilling solid control equipment, and drilling waste treatment equipment.  It has a certain market share in the domestic market and exports products to many countries overseas, earning the trust of a wide customer base.

In the future, KOSUN Machinery will closely monitor the domestic and international market dynamics, increase research and development investment, optimize product structure, and improve product quality to meet the changing market demands.

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