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Top 10 Solid Control System companies List

Jul 27, 2017

*M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, offers drilling fluid systems to improve drilling performance, technology to maximize production, and environmental solutions to safely manage waste volumes. Schlumberger is the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide.

*Derrick solids control: Derrick is a community which consists of co-workers, distributors, sales representatives, and customers. Derrick universal presence is comprised of thousands of individuals in countries around the globe.

*Nov solids control

*Kosun solids control: KOSUN is the leader in China’s solids control industry and expert in drilling waste management. KOSUN is capable of providing customers with such four series as oil & gas drilling solid control system, centrifuges, drilling waste treatment equipment and drilling security equipment, including 25 categories of products, and can also customize packaged design and matching products of oil & gas drilling rigs for drilling contractors. The products provided by KOSUN are extensively used in oil & gas drilling and workover, coalbed methane drilling, shale gas drilling, water well, geothermal well drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing projects, mine gravel staged treatment, tailings treatment, rive dredging works, municipal environment-friendly sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, fruit juice purification, waste oil recovery and purification treatment, etc.

Since its establishment in 1992, KOSUN has been the major supplier of solids control products in the field of China’s oil & gas drilling equipment, the earliest and only one decanter centrifuge manufacturer in five provinces of Northwest China, and the producer of the first-generation high-frequency drilling fluids shale shaker in China.

Nowadays, KOSUN possesses three factories all over the world: the first one specializing in producing solid control system and centrifuges in Xi’an China, the second one manufacturing all kinds of drilling fluid tanks, water tanks, oil tanks and pressure containers in Xianyang China, and the third one producing various drilling fluid tanks, oil tanks, water tanks and camps in Aktobe Kazakhstan.

*Advanced solids control
*Bos solids control
*Brandt solids control
*Brightway solids control
*Kayden solids control
*Liquid solids control

*Newalta solids control: Newalta is a leading provider of innovative engineered environmental solutions that enable customers to reduce disposal, enhance recycling and recover valuable resources from oil and gas exploration and production waste streams. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)