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Underground Works Construction Slurry Treatment

Jun 29, 2018

The slurry in underground works construction should be treated, purified and recycled for reuse. The slurry can be treated with shale shaker, hydrocyclone, flow channels, sedimentation tanks or forced dehydration. Waste sludge and residues should be disposed of in accordance with the relevant provisions of environmental protection. Compared with other slurry treatment methods, using special matched slurry treatment equipment can greatly increase the speed and efficiency of slurry circulation and ensure the normal and efficient construction of underground works.

Underground Works Construction Slurry Treatment
KOSUN has specially designed and developed supporting slurry treatment system for the characteristics of underground works. There are many successful application cases for slurry treatment in the underground works construction field and good results have been achieved.
Black Rhino KD series Slurry Treatment Plant of KOSUN Environmental mainly consists of shale shaker, desander, gravel pump and tapered tank. The shake shaker is equipped with coarse and fine screens, the coarse screens can remove coarse particles from mud, and the fine screens on desander and shake shaker can remove smaller granulated sand.Mud closed-loop circulating purification mode and lower water content in slags help reduce the environmental pollution.
Equipment parts of the Slurry Treatment Plant are of anti-corrosion and wear-resistance, long service life and low failure rate, and the system can be suitable for various severe working conditions. This is a kind of product that can be deeply customized. KOSUN can select color for equipment appearance according to the customer’s requirements.