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VC-1000 Series Vertical Centrifuge

Jan 30, 2018

In today’s world, where the industry is evolving instantly, the need for better , lighter and easier to manage equipment is what all the customers is looking for. The VC-1000 Series Vertical Centrifuge is being designed mainly for the Oil Base Mud operations (OBM) and with the high cost of these operations there is a  need for equipment which affect the 3 main factors:
-Preserving the drilling fluids

In designing the VC-1000 Series Vertical Centrifuge, the main objective were developing an equipment capable of:
-improving the separation efficiency compared to the usual solid control equipment
-reducing the amount of waste volume Produced
-saving the cost and the customer budget
-An easy to use and maintain equipment were all the parts are accessible and can be cleaned and maintained
-The safety of the operators and the personnel involved in the operation

VC-1000 Series Vertical Centrifuge

What is the optimum formula? The optimum formula is the price vs quality ratio which define the value of any proposed equipment. The customers have been in a continuous search for the best quality against the price they will pay for the equipment.

How this formula has been reached? The challenges for ES-KSN were creating the balance between the quality and the cost of this equipment on the customers. ES-KSN capitalized on its close and continues work with its customers in different countries/regions, to reach a balance between the quality and the production cost of this equipment.