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KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryers Sending to Xinjiang

Sep 25, 2017

Recently, numbers of KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryers have been sent to Xinjiang Karamay oil sludge management center.

Kosun vertical cuttings dryer for oil-based mud, by centrifugal separation principle, can effectively recover the cuttings in liquid phase composition, the solid phase becomes very dry, the drilling mud in the recovery, reduce the cost of drilling operation, but also reduces the the pollution of the environment, in accordance with international emission standards and environmental protection requirements. It can be used for drilling cuttings in land and ocean drilling.

vertical cutting dryer

Advantages of KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryer:

1 Efficient solid-liquid separation, the effective recovery of the mud in the drilling cuttings, a substantial reduction in solid emissions, solid oil content can be achieved after treatment of less than 5%

2 Effective recovery and reuse in the mud, mud circulation system, Recyclable due to slurry leakage, mobile derrick and mesh plug loss shaker.

3 Commonly used wear parts can be replaced from the top of the device; no need to move any device, you can replace the belt.

4 In the 4 rotation scraper Sprayed Tungsten Carbide corrosion resistant material, can prolong the service life, reduce maintenance costs.

5 suitable for oil base mud drilling cuttings recovery

6 to achieve the mud does not fall on the job requirements, reduce drilling fluid costs and waste disposal costs.

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