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KOSUN sent a batch of decanter centrifuges and vacuum degasser to Russia

Dec 16, 2020

Recently, KOSUN sent a batch of solids control equipment such as decanter centrifuges, vacuum degassers and screw pumps to an oil field in Russia for mud treatment. The equipment provided is customized according to the working conditions of the customer's site, which fully meets the customer's requirements for the processing capacity and processing effect and has won praise from customers.

solids control equipment
KOSUN DC series decanter centrifuges are used for the separation of suspensions containing solid particles with a diameter of ≥2μm, as well as the treatment of drilling mud and liquid. The recovery rate is high, the solid phase control is effective, and the cost of mud replenishment and treatment is significantly reduced. This series of decanter centrifuges can run smoothly for a long time at a speed of 0~3900RPM, and the centrifugal force generated can be as high as 3000G. The innovative design of the KOSUN DC series decanter centrifuge includes a longer bowl, which can extend the residence time of the drilling fluid in the bowl, resulting in a drier solid phase and a finer separation point. KOSUN can provide anti-corrosion and wear-resistant rotating drum and screw propeller. Using German FAG or Swedish SKF brand bearings. Electrical components comply with Siemens/Schneider explosion-proof standards or International Electrotechnical Commission's explosion-proof certification system.
KOSUN brand solids control equipment and drilling waste treatment systems have attracted much attention in the Russian market, and there are many oilfield market cases and large customers who have cooperated for many years. With its rich industry experience, KOSUN has won the trust of customers.