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KOSUN Marketing in Kazakhstan

Oct 02, 2011

Complying with the trend of market requirements, KOSUN is gradually transforming from a traditional manufacturer to a compound service provider since the year of 2007. Kazakhstan turns out to be our first choice among Chinese neighbours as it is the largest country which possesses the most petroleum and natural gas reserves in the five Mid-Asian countries.

KOSUN Machinery Marketing in Kazakhstan


KOSUN Service Co., Ltd ( KAZAKHSTAN ). was established as KOSUN's subsidiary overseas in November, 2009. This company mainly provides compound service of drilling and workover engineering, rig assembly, solids control system manufacturing, marketing and renting. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed between KOSUN Oil Service Co., Ltd. and GWDC in Kazakhstan, Batys-Munai LLP, in which KOSUN Oil Service Co., Ltd. offers daily maintenance and spare parts for 50 sets of rigs owned by these two companies.

In the year of 2011, a complete solids control equipment factory will be finished in Mid-Asian regions and KOSUN Oil Service Co., Ltd ( Kazakhstan ). will be the only oilfield service provider which supplies equipment production and renting service in Kazakhstan.