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1 billion tons of solid waste have been treated by KOSUN equipment

Apr 07, 2020

Since May 2019, KOSUN has assisted the world's largest conglomerate oilfield, the 1 billion ton mahu oilfield in karamay, Xinjiang province, to treat oily sludge in oil production, reduce and dispose of solid waste generated in oil production, and recover the usable oil.

oily sludge treatment equipment1
KOSUN is a professional company providing comprehensive solutions to solid waste treatment in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, which focuses on development and services of complete technologies and equipment of sludge reduction and resource utilization.KOSUN Environmental can provide customers with such sludge reduction services as general contracting for sludge treatment, sludge treatment mobile station service, complete solutions to sludge treatment, etc.

oily sludge treatment equipment2
According to statistics, the pollutant treatment market scale is between 100 and 150 billion yuan every year. According to the equipment investment is 1.5 to 2 times of  is more than 150 billion yuan, and the overall size of the oil and gas pollution treatment market is estimated to be more than 300 billion yuan. With the promotion of the new environmental protection law, the environmental protection requirements for oil fields are getting higher and higher in various regions. This is good for the sludge treatment industry, and the market prospect of oily sludge treatment is broad.

oily sludge treatment equipment
The implementation of this project will promote the economic benefits and environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources and the development of clean production in petroleum industry. KOSUN will continue to promote new product research and development, welcome to consult and cooperate!