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KOSUN Drilling mud cleaner system in Turkmenistan

Sep 05, 2023

KOSUN drilling mud cleaner system is composed of screening cyclone equipment, slurry feeding equipment, mixing equipment, and an electrical system, the system includes a tank, cleaner, sand pump, agitator, and other equipment, using multi-functional design, so that the system can meet the solid control sand and mud removal requirements.
KOSUN drilling mud cleaner system is a set of mechanical and electrical control as one of the solid-liquid treatment systems, mainly for drilling fluid sand and mud treatment, mud cleaner is the second and third level solid control equipment in the drilling fluid purification system, can further separate the smaller particles contained in the mud treated by the vibrating screen, so that the mud can enter the four-level separation equipment. KOSUN cleaner equipment can be used alone, or its bottom flow shaker can be used as a parallel backup for the first-stage solid control shaker.
KOSUN drilling mud cleaner system compact structure, occupies a small space area, powerful, with a higher cleaning function and sand, and mud removal function, due to the increase of the filter area of the bottom flow screen, making the filtered slag dry, convenient transportation.