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KOSUN ZJ15 rig solid control system in Ukraine

Sep 05, 2023

The solid control system of the ZJ15 drilling rig produced by KOSUN is a mud treatment system integrating mechanical and electrical control. It can classify drilling mud, mix drilling mud, degas drilling mud, weight drilling mud, stir drilling mud, and also recharge wellhead mud. The system ordered by the customer for the Ukrainian market consists of mud tanks, mud mixing tanks, rotating cranes, and solid control equipment. The whole system includes a shale shaker, vacuum degasser two-stage solid control equipment, mud mixing and weighting system, mud supply system, electrical control system, lighting system, etc. The system surface coating is durable, which can ensure that the system can be used in the process of wear and corrosion in the environment.

This set of ZJ15 rig solid control systems has several important flow characteristics design, which can be drilling mud classification treatment; At the same time, the mud can be weighted, mixed, and stirred. Medicine tanks and lines provide mud batching for the system; The mixing system can be used for mixing system mud. Supply silos and supply pipelines can provide mud supply for mud defects at the wellhead. The mud gun pipeline and mixing system can fully stir and mix the mud in the mud tank. The clean pipe sink can provide a water channel for mixing and washing the tank surface.

The multi-functional design of the ZJ15 rig solid control system enables the system to meet the requirements of different mud systems, and each system and process can work independently or simultaneously.