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A Green Hope

Oct 01, 2013

Along with the refreshing wind come whiffs of sweet fragrances; chrysanthemums covered with mist represent clusters of blooms.

October sees the 64th anniversary of our mother country, for which red flags are put up flying high over our spectacular landscape and festivities put on across the nation.

Our motherland so rich in beauty has made her sons and daughters so passionate towards her. 64-year grueling development has brought the Republic up as a gigantic dragon, whose soaring raised those proud eyes towards the East. The collective “Chinese Dream” composed of hundreds of millions Chinese people’s dreams is coming true bit by bit.

“Chinese Dream” is a road to rejuvenate and a road to pursue our own individual dream.

We never stopped on the road to pursue our own dream and had been working upon it days and nights. At last, our efforts had produced golden ears out of wheats. However, when we were still immersed in the happy celebration of harvest, we suddenly noticed that our once beautiful landscape had been stained and maimed with contamination.

Our sights are veiled by heavy smog. At the early beginning of this year, smoggy weather hit a wide range of China. January saw 5 heavily smoggy days in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province and only 4 sunny days. Beijing, thus, is now the new “Smoggy City” to Chinese people. While on March, 3.3 smoggy days can be counted, 1.1 more days than the average in the same period of past years, hitting the record-high of these 52 years. Suddenly, everyone panicked, at the threats caused by smoggy weather. And in many cities, the masks and eyedrops were sold out. Statistics said over 80 millions people were seriously affected this year, especially citizens from the most populated regions like, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province, Pearl River Delta, Yangtse River Delta. People there seem to live in an unprecedented air pollution.

It is truly impressive to see all the faces wearing masks on the streets. It is even more impressive to discover countless cancer villages scattered across the land. In Duying Village, Shenqiu County, Henan Province, an eight-person family was all diagnosed as having fatal cancers, fishes in river deformed by pollution and an annual 2000 deaths of cancers reported. The tombs established upon lives and tears really struck the eyes and roused the minds.

In retrospect, we would find ourselves vexed by frequent headlined reports of extreme environmental pollution and accidents and touched to drop tears secretly by the tragedies resulted from pollution.

However, the dropped tears are not able to wash away the heavy dirt. We paid very heavy price for the mistakes made in the past, but we should try to avoid that in the future. Economic development is important, sustainable development is even more important. Our “Chinese Dream” needs to be an “Ecological Dream”.

Ever since 1992, KOSUN has followed China’s reform and opening-up footprints for 21 years and has grown up to be a robust young man when radical transformation is going on in China nowadays.

Chinese people has been working on their individual dreams in different ways all these 21 years. KOSUN has also been drawing her own dream on the blueprint, regarding environmental protection as the basis for corporate development whether in case of the solids control system construction or waste management system establishment.

China is still advancing and we’ve been following her footprints in the pursuit of dreams all the time. We get touched when she is in bloom and get sad when she is on the brink of environmental dangers.

Facing the future, we’ll still stick to our own dreams to keep our land green and to guard our hopes.