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Greenpeace Campaign to Provoke Thoughts on Environmental Drilling

Oct 18, 2013

Right after Mid September, it was reported on various major media that Russian coastguards boarded protest ship and arrested Greenpeace activists on September 19th, 2013.

"The intruders" actions were of aggressive and provocative character and had the outward signs of extremist activity that can lead to people's death and other grave consequences," the ministry said in a statement after Russian coastguards pre-warned the so-called extremist activists and arrested a couple of them from the Armsterdam-registered “Arctic Sunrise” ship which circled the Gazprom-backed Prirazlomnaya platform.

However, the arrested party responded boldly against that, “Let's be absolutely clear about this: the real threat to the Arctic comes not from Greenpeace but from oil companies like Gazprom that are determined...to drill in remote, frozen seas.”

Which obviously would lead us to the possible environmental dangers caused by oil drilling and exploration.

As we have all been made known that oil production has performed as a double-sided sword to our life, greatly benefiting us with its products on one hand and gradually ruining our living conditions on the other hand.

Global warming, damaged soil and polluted water are all shooting warning signs that measures should be taken as soon as possible to lessen the perils. And the friction between Russia and Greenpeace also played a very thought-provoking, making every resource tapper to consider about related solutions.

KOSUN, as the pioneer in the solids control field of China as well as an integrated service supplier of global drilling fluids solids control and waste treatment, has established a reasonable waste management system after years’ efforts and experience in the field.

The system is aimed at nipping the problem in the bud. The self-designed solids control equipment would efficiently reduce the amount of waste at its source at first.

Field picture of KOSUN solids control system
Field Picture of KOSUN Solids Control System

During the operation, KOSUN’ s solids control system which is connected directly onto mud pump would process drilling fluids via four phases, effectively recover them as much as possible and minimize the waste disposal. Thus the drilling mud is well recovered and waste disposal minimized. Meantime, the full use of dewatering solution on further waste management not only effectively recovers water resources, but also reduces both the water content and volume of discharged waste and well protects the environment. Then treated drilling mud can be directly put into use and discharged waste may experience further solid-liquid separation being transported into Hi-G Dryer and Vertical Centrifuge by propeller after dewatering process. On the other hand, removed water may be recycled after being treated in purification system. And the waste residues may turn very dry after coming out of Hi-G Dryer and Vertical Centrifuge. When they are processed again by means of solidification, biodegradation, thermal desorption and cuttings re-injection. In this way, zero waste disposal is realized.

The set-out solution will in the future act as a goal for which KOSUN people will pull every strength to achieving, thus forcing the pollution problems to give the way to green drilling.