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Drilling Waste Treatment System Workflow

Jun 19, 2019

The oil-base mud waste treatment system integrates screw conveyor, dryer, collection tank, cuttings box, screw pump, centrifuge and other equipment, suitable for waste mud treatment while drilling or after well completion and waste mud treatment station.
KOSUN cuttings dryer is the core equipment for drilling waste treatment. Its working principle is a vertical scraper discharge filter deoiling centrifuge. It generates 400G centrifugal force at the speed of 900rpm and separates liquid from oil-containing cuttings to reduce the oil content in waste cuttings and achieve the maximum recycling of useful drilling fluids and the minimum environmental pollution. Since its launching on the market in 2011, it has been widely used at home and abroad and can meet such an industry standard as less than 5% OOC.

The entire system consists of three units: cuttings conveying system, cuttings drying system, and cuttings dewatering system.
1. The cuttings collection system includes screw conveyors that collect cuttings from the shale shaker and the mud cleaner.
2. The core equipment of the cuttings treatment system is the VC Series cuttings dryer
3. VFD centrifuge, screw pump and electric control system