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4071m! Successful directional crossing of the longest submarine oil product pipeline in mainland China

Jun 17, 2019

According to the Shanghai Securities News, the longest submarine oil product pipeline directionally crossed the Tongming Strait successfully in the mainland China on May 27.
The directional crossing of Tongming Strait is the core project of ZRPC Integration supporting oil product pipeline project (from Zhanjiang to Beihai). The starting point is the Donghai Island of Zhanjiang City, and the end point is Huguang Town on the land on the opposite shore. It has such technical difficulties as complex engineering geology, high environmental protection requirements and limited prefabrication sites, and the total crossing length is 4071m, which becomes the longest submarine oil product pipeline of directional crossing in mainland China.

The directional crossing project in the Tongming Strait is the biggest construction difficulty in the supporting oil product pipeline construction project of ZRPC. In order to ensure the successful crossing in the sea area, the pipeline construction unit - South China Branch, Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd. - held several expert demonstration meetings on the submarine crossing plan and invited domestic top experts to repeatedly conduct site surveys and technical demonstration on key technologies. The project adopts high-precision guiding docking system to ensure the successful docking once, the totally enclosed mud treatment system to ensure the “zero pollution and zero discharge” of waste mud, and the advanced cladding anti-corrosion technology to effectively cope with the complex seawater corrosion environment. The successful directional crossing has not only laid the foundation for the pipeline project completion on schedule, but also accumulated experience for the long-distance submarine crossing construction of the oil product pipeline.