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Environmental protection equipment manufacturing still has a long way to go.

Jul 08, 2019

At present, strengthening the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, developing advanced environmental protection equipment, and expanding the scale of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry are the main lines of current environmental protection industry development. Environmental protection equipment manufacturing not only helps environmental governance to better cope with market changes, but also helps environmental protection enterprises to better cope with continuous comprehensive services, meet the refinement requirements under the new normal, and improve the benefits of environmental governance. However, although environmental protection equipment manufacturing has developed rapidly in recent years, it still has a long way to go.

We must continue to make breakthroughs in the core component technology of environmental protection equipment manufacturing. The industry believes that the key to environmental protection equipment manufacturing is the basic technology, which is the design and manufacturing of core components. From the perspective of the development of industry trends, the two major fields, including market share and industrial agglomeration, have been placed at a crucial position in the planning of environmental protection equipment manufacturing in China. As one of the important contents of the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, the future technological innovation will also transform the industry.
Under this situation, the transformation and upgrading of environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises still needs to accelerate the pace, constantly update technology, adjust strategies, and grasp market trends. The internal equipment manufacturing technology and the external environmental governance model need to be continuously integrated. The integration of these two technologies represents the direction of environmental equipment manufacturing development. Specifically, equipment manufacturing is the foundation, and environmental governance means the interconnection of everything, so that enterprises can deeply understand the needs and directions of users.