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Piling mud treatment equipment with large capacity

Jul 05, 2019

The piling mud at a construction site has a large amount, and once the construction machinery runs, a large amount of mud can be produced in a short time. Due to no large volume of mud pit on the site, direct discharge will pollute the environment, and the truck transportation cost is very high, so the treatment on the spot is the best solution. The piling mud treatment equipment is required to have a large single-machine processing capacity and a “stomach” big enough to “digest” the mud in time.
Improper treatment of piling mud can pollute the environment, cause a lot of water and soil loss, silt up rivers, affect water quality, and damage municipal facilities. The methods for early-stage treatment of mud are landfill, natural drying, etc. These relatively primitive methods are costly and inefficient, far from meeting the growing demand for mud treatment, and the mud has become a problem that plagues the normal construction of the project. Therefore, in recent years, KOSUN has introduced a new process of concentration, dosing, screw extrusion and gravity separation on the basis of mud dewatering and drying treatment.

KOSUN specializes in the production of automated mud treatment equipment, which is suitable for all kinds of piling mud. Whether it is more sand in the mud or more clay, the piling mud dewatering machine can be applied. Generally, the amount of mud generated during the piling process is relatively large. This piling mud dewatering machine can just meet such a large amount of sewage. The large-capacity piling mud treatment equipment can continuously run for 24 hours each day, which can separate mud while being fed, and the separation is fast and efficient. The running cost of the equipment is relatively low, which can save a lot of operating costs for the piling project. Through the treatment equipment, the mud becomes filter cake, which lowers the difficulty in transportation and reduces the transportation volume.