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Future Development Direction for New Technologies of Drilling Fluids

Oct 14, 2019

The importance attached to unconventional oil and gas resources, especially shale oil and gas development through horizontal well, shows unique advantage of oil-based drilling fluid on shale formation. It is proved that oil-based drilling fluid is the prime choice for shale gas horizontal well construction. It is clear that oil-based drilling fluid ushers in a new development opportunity.

Although oil-based drilling fluid has been developing rapidly for the past two years, it is still less competitive compared with the foreign one and there is much room for improvement. Next emphasis is how to strengthen additives and theoretical research by virtue of successful foreign experience and preliminary domestic experience, focusing on demand for oil-based drilling fluid. Perfect supporting oil-based drilling fluid system and develop arene-free oil-based or plant oil-based drilling fluid according to demand for shale gas horizontal drilling, especially waste oil-based drilling fluid, synthetic base and reversible emulsified drilling fluid, oil-based cuttings and waste drilling fluid treatment, so as to meet shale gas and complex formation drilling and environmental protection requirements.