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KOSUN shale shaker is becoming increasingly popular in solid control system

Sep 13, 2022

As a professional company that has been producing solid control equipment since 1992 and has been continuously developing to the present, more and more oil development companies choose to use KOSUN solid control products. KOSUN shale shaker is becoming increasingly popular in solid control system.
Kosun shale shaker is a new and efficient screening equipment, widely used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry and other industries, is stable and reliable, low consumption, low noise, long life, vibration stability, screening efficiency.
Features of KOSUN shale shaker:
1. The feeding box is available in skid type and box type, which can be selected;
2. Can handle drilling fluid with large specific and large displacement;
3. The screen machine is exquisitely designed and easy to assemble. One person can operate the screen machine;
4. The screen Angle adjustment device, adjustment range - 1 ° ~ 5 °;
5. Excitation strength of high G force (which needs to be adjusted according to the working condition);
6. Fast cuttings conveying speed and high processing capacity;
7. Compared with other relevant brand manufacturers, it has larger screening area and high efficiency in processing;
8. The parent network fully supports the fine mesh, so the fine mesh can be used independently for a long service life and reduce the use of fine mesh consumables.