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Russia and Mongolia have successively discovered large oil fields

Mar 11, 2020

Recently, China's neighboring country Mongolia has received good news. A large amount of petroleum resources have been explored in the territory, but Mongolia's national strength is relatively weak, and it lacks relevant technologies for the exploitation of oil. Although rich oil resources have been found, how to extract these Resources are also a difficult problem for Mongolia. As a neighbor of Mongolia, China also has relatively advanced mining technology and has a wealth of experience in the field of oil extraction. Therefore, Mongolia sent a request to China to invite China to help Mongolia develop oil fields. It is reported that China has opened nearly a thousand oil wells for Mongolia, which also shows that Mongolia's oil resources are still quite rich.

Prior to this, the Russian side also had good news. A super-large oil field was discovered in Russia's Arctic Region. According to preliminary estimates, the oil reserves discovered this time are about 90 billion barrels. It said that China can openly develop this super-large oil field with Russia, and that Russia also claims that it can exclusively use the extracted oil for China.