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KOSUN supports customize HDD mud solid control recovery system

Nov 20, 2023

KOSUN supports customize HDD mud solid control recovery system
Xi 'an KOSUN can customize HDD mud solid control recovery system for customers, the system can be configured according to customer requirements of first level (shale shaker), second level (desander), third level (desander), fourth level (centrifuge) solid control system purification treatment, The system is composed of purification equipment (shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge), sand pump, jet mixing device, agitator, mud tank (size and number customer requirements), walkway guardrail, manifold, electric control system, according to the oil drilling rig mud solid control system.
The system has mud purification and recovery function, mud reserve function, jet slurry distribution system, mixing system, mud pump pipe system, lighting system and electric control system. We can match the requirements of different engineering customers or use the system parameter configuration suggested by our company.
HDD mud solid control recovery system is widely used in oil and gas pipelines through rivers, lakes, traffic lines, railway hubs and other obstacles and important areas have obvious advantages.
The multi-functional design of the HDD horizontal directional crossing system enables the system to meet the requirements of different well depths and different mud systems. The individual systems and processes can work independently or simultaneously.

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