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KOSUN vertical drilling cuttings dryer used for drying oil base and composite base mud

Nov 27, 2023

KOSUN VC series vertical drilling cuttings dryer can be used for various types of drilling mud, mainly used for drilling cuttings drying oil base and composite base mud. Similar to other solid control equipment, such as shale shaker screen, centrifuge, cyclone separator, VC series vertical drilling chip dryer processing capacity also has a great relationship with the mud viscosity. The viscosity of the mud is determined by a number of factors, including solid content, particle size, drilling fluid type, and drilling fluid temperature.

Vertical drilling cuttings dryer
KOSUN VC series vertical drilling cuttings dryer is a single-stage continuous operation of horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge. VC series vertical drilling cuttings dryer can effectively recover the oil components in drilling cuttings, the processing capacity is 30-50 tons per hour, and the oil content OOC of drilling cuttings is less than 5%.

Drilling cuttings before treatment

Dry cuttings after treatment
The cuttings dryer separates oil and water from oil-based cuttings and composite cuttings by centrifugal force. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing harmful substances and recovering useful drilling fluid.
1.  The discharge scraper is cast by high chromium cast iron and has a long service life.
2.  The assembly of a high-pressure air knife can effectively prevent the blockage of the sieve basket.
3.  Each replaceable selection part has passed the dynamic balance test to meet the balance of the whole machine after the replacement part.
4.  An independent oil circuit cooling system, equipped with a scientific tank cooling system, effectively meets the needs of a high-temperature environment.
5.  The discharge port can be equipped with a screw conveyor to facilitate the delivery of dry drilling cuttings and continuous operation of the equipment.
Xi 'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with API and ISO certification that can independently design and produce cuttings dryers used in drilling waste treatment. KOSUN vertical drilling cuttings dryers dry the cuttings of oil-based and synthetic drilling mud by centrifugal force. The main rotating parts of the KOSUN cuttings dryers are strictly tested for dynamic balance to reduce vibration and noise.
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