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The drilling fluid liquid-gas separator is a gas separation device used in drilling mud

Nov 27, 2023

KOSUN MGS series drilling fluid Liquid-gas separator is a gas separation equipment used in drilling mud. It is usually used after the choke manifold and before the drilling shale shaker to separate harmful gases in the gas invasion mud. The separated gas is directed to the open working space through the manifold and burned through the electronic ignition device.

The drilling fluid liquid-gas separator is a special equipment designed and developed by KOSUN Company to replace gas-intruded drilling fluid. The combined use of drilling fluid liquid-gas separator and electronic ignition device can ensure the smooth progress of the drilling process.

In the process of oil drilling, when the drilling reaches a certain depth, harmful gases will be produced. At this time, we must get rid of these gases, because the harmful gases in the drilling fluid will not only destroy the specific gravity and viscosity of the drilling fluid, but cannot meet the drilling requirements, it will also cause wear on the drill bit, and more importantly, there will be safety hazards, and well kicks and blowout accidents are prone to occur. Therefore, during the drilling process, it is necessary to detect the amount of gas generated in the drilling fluid and remove it in time. Commonly used solid control equipment for removing gas from drilling fluids include vacuum degasser and liquid-gas separator.
KOSUN Machinery produces drilling fluid liquid-gas separators and electronic ignition devices, and these two devices must be used together. If you have product needs in this area, please contact us and we will provide you with technical service support!

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