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Kosun Black Rhino KD Series Mud-Water Separation System is Used Widely

Sep 11, 2023

KOSUN Machinery Black Rhino KD series mud-water separation system is a closed-circuit mud circulation purification method to treat the construction mud of infrastructure projects, superior and reliable performance, with low slag moisture content and the industry customers' praise.

The mud-water separation system can be used in mud and water balance shield construction mud treatment, horizontal directional drilling mud treatment, underground diaphragm wall construction mud treatment, bored pile foundation construction mud treatment, mud and water balance pipe jacking mud treatment, tail slurry treatment and other infrastructure construction fields.
KOSUN Black Rhino KD series mud-water separation system is mainly composed of shaker screen, sand cyclone, sand gravel pump and conical tank four parts, shaker screen cloth with coarse screen and fine screen, coarse screen can remove coarse particles of mud slag material, sand cyclone and vibrating screen on the fine number of screen can remove smaller particles of sand. The closed-circuit purification method of mud and the lower water content of slag are beneficial to reduce environmental pollution.
The equipment accessories in the system have long service life and low failure rate, and are suitable for various bad working conditions.
From 2021 to 2022, in the construction of Shenzhen Metro in China, KOSUN Black Rhino KD-500 mud-water separation system is used in the construction of double-wheel milling underground continuous wall, the maximum processing capacity of the equipment can reach 500 cubic meters/hour, and the separation particle size can reach 30~40um. The large amount of processing power and the high quality of the recycled mud ensure the rapid drilling of the two-wheel mill, in addition, the unique second and third-stage separation switching technology makes it easy to cope with the construction requirements of different formations.

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