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KOSUN Manufactures and Sells Oilfield Drilling Hydrocyclone Desander

Sep 08, 2023

KOSUN is an Oilfield Drilling Hydrocyclone Desander manufacturer, producing and selling high-quality hydrocyclone desander. At the same time sales of cyclone accessories, suitable for all types of mud desander, desilter, and mud cleaner.

The Oilfield Drilling Hydrocyclone Desander of the KOSUN DS series uses a strong and durable soft hook screen with a total screen area of 0.78 square meters. The desander uses two desander cyclones to separate 44-74μm particles and is a secondary solid control equipment for drilling fluid treatment. The supporting pump used is 55kw. If you have other special needs, a Hydrocyclone Desander can be designed according to your requirements.


Advantages of KOSUN Oilfield Drilling Hydrocyclone Desander:

1, Simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate, safe and reliable use, almost no maintenance.

2, Compared with other equipment, with a small size, and large processing capacity, saves site space.

3, High decontamination efficiency, small resistance coefficient, large overflow rate, convenient decontamination, and reliable operation.

4, Can be cleaned in operation, that is, do not have to close the pump

The Oilfield Drilling Hydrocyclone Desander is made according to the principle of screening when the solid particles in the fluid rotate in the desander. It integrates cyclone flow and filtration and has remarkable effects in the field of oil drilling, such as sand removal, turbidity reduction, and solid-liquid separation.

Oilfield Drilling Mud Desander plays a very important role in drilling operations, it can not only remove solid particles and impurities in drilling fluid, prevent pollution and equipment damage, but also improve the drilling efficiency of the rig and save costs. Therefore, the rational use of drilling desander is the key to a safe and efficient drilling operation.

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