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Necessity and method of drilling waste treatment system

May 08, 2023

Drilling waste is a mixture of drilling sewage, drilling fluid (drilling mud), drilling cuttings and dirty oil. It is a fairly stable colloidal suspension system containing clay, weighting materials, various chemical treatment agents, sewage, and dirty oil. It is one of the main pollution sources in the process of petroleum exploration and development. If these wastes are piled up or buried at the well site, once they are soaked by rainwater and washed by rivers, they will cause serious environmental risks to the surrounding soil, water sources, farmland and air. The main harmful substances are petroleum, phosphorus, hydrogen, nitrogen, mercury, lead, and organic pollutants.

drilling waste treatment system-KOSUN
With the country's emphasis on environmental protection, there is a rigid environmental protection requirement that drilling cuttings should not fall to the ground during the exploitation of oil, natural gas, shale gas, and coalbed methane, so as to avoid direct discharge of mud from polluting groundwater, and the formation of particles in the atmosphere after the mud is dried and volatilized. For the composition of PM2.5, KOSUN has launched various drilling waste treatment system for different regions and mud properties. It is composed of agitator, sand pump and electric control system.
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