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What are the effective measures for oilfield drilling mud treatment?

May 10, 2023

The exploitation of oil fields is the inevitable need of social and economic development. However, with the replacement of different mining technologies, the types of mud sources in oilfields have increased significantly, and toxic and harmful substances are also coming out. Oil sludge and other pollution produced in oil fields are extremely harmful to the environment. If the mud waste is not treated, it will easily cause serious damage to the natural environment. Therefore, it is more practical to study the oilfield drilling mud treatment process.
At present, the effective measures for oilfield drilling mud treatment mainly include:
1, Strengthen decision-making in the mud treatment system and mud recycling process.
Proper and efficient use of mud treatment systems enhances the treatment and discharge of toxic and dirty mud.
2, Modify the manufacturing process and optimize the molding model.
In the process of oil field drilling, the construction leader should modify this stage of the production process to perform excavation work that causes environmental pollution, using a combination of discrete sources and cluster paths to save site use and minimize damage to landform projects and land use Impact.
3, Good treatment of mud.
Slurry treatment includes: re-use, redirection of specific functions to remove sources of contamination.
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