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Realization of "GREEN" Dream?

Oct 21, 2013

On August 29th, CNN published a coverage about the famous Car City---Houston, Texas, US, which read, “Houston may be a city built on the profits of oil and gas, but it has a green dream.”

The dream is to create a city that is "more liveable, walkable and bikeable," according Laura Spanjian, the director of sustainability for Houston since 2010, when current Mayor Annise Parker was elected.

For many years, Houston has been known as a hub producing large quantities of oil and gas. However, intensive drilling activities brought not only huge financial benefits, but also worrying environmental problems.

As far as we all know, petroleum products help us do many things. We use them to fuel our airplanes, cars, and trucks, to heat our homes, and to make products like medicines and plastics. Though the life is made much easier, finding, producing, moving and using them can cause problems for our environment like air and water pollution. Many types of wastes are also generated by activities like drilling, production and accidental releases. All of these hazard human health and wildlife.

Therefore, laws and regulations have been enforced by governments to help reduce the hazards and new technologies developed to help improve.

Xi’ an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. ( KOSUN ), as the pioneer in the field of solids control in China as well as an integrated service supplier of global drilling fluid solids control and waste treatment, has always diverted energy and investment into the research and development of latest environmental solutions fit for oil drilling and exploration.


Field Pic of KOSUN solids control system
Field Picture of KOSUN Solids Control System

After countless experiments and grueling struggle, KOSUN has invented a series of waste management solutions and relative solids control equipment.

Take one as an example. KOSUN Mud/Gas Separator is an especially ideal equipment to be used when accidental release, kick or blowout is encountered. It is primarily used to separate the free gas from the drilling fluids, which may include toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide. In this way, not only the safety of drilling is ensured, but more possible air pollution is prevented as well.

Besides, the series of waste management solutions launched by KOSUN is different from the conventional approaches in many ways. It was born by the integration of domestic and foreign waste management experience and methods as well as the consideration of drilling waste production process. The solution upholds the waste reduction at its source. It will purify the drilling fluids and take away the solids at the source by application of solids control system. Then dewatering of discharged waste, water treatment, water recycling and purifications will work altogether to minimize water content in waste and recycle the water. Afterwards, Hi-G Dryer and Vertical Centrifuge will continue with dewatering and solid-liquid separation to minimize waste disposal. At last, the discharged waste will be reasonably and effectively treated by means of solidification, biodegradation, thermal desorption and cuttings re-injection. Thus, the goal of zero disposal is achieved and the dream of “green cities” realized.